MagVision Glass board

MagVision is a development from the classic board Vision. The difference is that the MagVision adds one quality; the magnetic surface. This increases the useabilty even more. Magnetic glass board of 4 mm tempered clear float glass with frosted edges with back in rolled, white porcelain that is burnt into the glass during tempering process.

The board hangs 15 mm from the wall on wooden rails that are fixed to the wall and it is secured with locking screws. The plated brackets on the back of the board are fixed so that you can hang the board horizontally or vertically (except board size: 1980 x 1000 mm / 1980 x 1200 mm).

As Abstracta now launches the product in new unique glass colours, the product is a more specific furnishing detail that can be matched to the rest of the interior.

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