VB Column Board

This board system is suitable for training rooms and lecture theatres because the information can be displayed on one continuous surface. Projection screens can also be fitted. The writing surfaces are available in white for dry markers and green for chalk. Both surfaces are magnetic. In the case of a double column board system, the boards can be moved independently.

This is done smoothly and quietly by means of precision guide tracks in tubular columns. This flexible system can be tailored to fit any room and is stylishly designed with stove enamelled aluminium profiles and rounded plastic corners for safety.



The board has a green-enamelled steel surface, magnetic and suitable for being written on with chalk.


The board has a white-enamelled steel surface, magnetic and suitable for being written on with whiteboard markers.

Construction and finish

The board face is surrounded by an extruded aluminium section frame coated with an epoxy and polyester resin-based grey-white (U1130) powder coating. All corners are equipped with plastic protection caps, which ensure the required degree of safety. 

The board face is a sandwich panel (13.4 mm) comprising a writing surface, a support and writing surface coated under pressure with an aqueous synthetic dispersion adhesive.

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