Glasgow Caledonian University

Glasgow Caledonian University was formed in 1993 as a result of the merger of Glasgow Polytechnic and The Queen’s College, Glasgow. A modern university, Glasgow Caledonian devotes a sizeable proportion of its resources to world-wide research in a diverse range of fields, including the natural environment, health and society.

The University recently decided to re-equip and modernise its chemistry laboratories with a full array of audio-visual and IT services. When considering which systems would be suitable for its needs, the University put a priority on obtaining equipment that would be state of the art, while also rugged enough to be used for many years without any drop in quality or need for replacement in a demanding laboratory environment.

Glasgow Caledonian has equipped a large number of rooms with PolyVision eno interactive whiteboards. And it’s easy to see why. Not only is the eno the first and only environmentally certified interactive whiteboard to combine the simplicity and ease of a traditional marker board with high-performance interactivity, all without cords, cables or costly installation, it also features industry-leading e3 environmental ceramicsteel: an exceptionally smooth surface for dry-erasing not just today, but decades into the future.

Enhancing the learning experience

Recently installed, each of Glasgow Caledonian’s chemistry laboratories now features two eno interactive whiteboards, along with cutting-edge surround sound, induction loop and microphone systems. In addition, the largest teaching laboratory has a ceiling-mounted camera for recording and projection.

The system is controlled by a central computer, able to take control of any computer-controlled instrument in the laboratory and project its image on the interactive screens at the front of each teaching laboratory. This is especially useful for lecturers needing to demonstrate what is being viewed by microscopes. Lecturers additionally use the new eno interactive whiteboards to show illustrations and as aids to pre-laboratory discussion.

Thanks to its use of A+K Brands of Distinction products, Glasgow Caledonian University’s lecturers are able to teach more effectively and the learning experience of its students is enhanced. In particular, the ability of the whiteboards to save and distribute the contents of each lecture with one easy click that captures “virtual ink” notes has been praised.

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